The successful Journey of SheeraLateen

Our journey of sweetness started in the year September 2018, incorporating two great market-leading companies Sheera, which started in the year 2016 and Lateen which started in the year 2015, which delivered high-quality sweets, pastries and chocolates.
We have prolonged experience in serving our customers with good quality food products bringing happiness to their cherished moments.
In 2018, both companies decided to get together and grow to bring out the best products in the market. We set a journey to uplift our customer satisfaction from the level loyal to royal. Together with great ideas and thoughts from our team, we produced the finest quality products.
We also prioritised delivering fresh quality products to fulfil the customer happiness as they deserve the quality in every bite.

Where are we now?

The both companies were a prowess in the field they were in. However, one day, both company directors sat together and discussed about the potentialities of markets and wide business opportunities. The discussion prolonged for weeks. In the meantime, the head Chocolatiers and Patisseries had a formal meeting and discussed about productions and innovative ideas.

Consequently, we, the proprietors took a favourable step to merge together and transform the ideas of the chefs to a reality so as to get the new productions to our valued customers.

From being single entities to a family, we are SHEERA LATEEN SWEETS AND PASTRIES Company.